Ask a Recruiter


Expertly Preparing Clients

The TEK BENCH team has the capacity for expertly preparing clients for technology-field interviews, providing insight and real-world examples of potential hurdles during the interview sessions.

Open-Ended Tone preferred

It's worth noting: The majority of interviews reflect an open-ended tone on the recruiter's side, as a means of consistently sparking tangential discussions between the two parties.


As such, our preparatory-minded consultants will also bring an intense focus to each candidate's organizational and time-management skills — two major traits prized by technology recruiters, outside of the standard prerequisites with education, certification and previous work experience.
TEK BENCH offers premium insight to technical companies around the globe, classifying which ones handle various specialties with reasonable aplomb, or identifying firms with the best track record for attracting, hiring and ultimately keeping high-end IT workers.

TEK BENCH has developed a proprietary bot system for documenting and understanding the 24/7 needs of a customer base. Through real-time data collection and analysis,

TEK BENCH's efficient and accommodating bots provide a spectrum of enticement services, including instant chat modules for consumers, detailing price points, order placements and marketing trends. There's no substitute for timely information in today's global digital marketplace. The bots are a must-have for current and prospective customers.

As one prime example, the bots would possess full knowledge of the impending changes with Facebook marketing — particularly the creative restrictions to ads in the mobile news feed.